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On 18 June 2020, the Government of Hungary terminated the state of danger, announced on 11 March 2020, and introduced the state of disease control preparedness by announcing a state of healthcare emergency.

For the duration of the state of disease control preparedness, the entering of foreign citizens from abroad to Hungary in passenger traffic is regulated by Government Decree No. 408 of 2020 (VIII. 30.) on travel restrictions during the state of disease control preparedness (hereafter: Government Decree) that contains amended restrictive regulations as of 1 September 2020.


Pursuant to Article 5 of the Government Decree, – with the exceptions listed in an Act or Government Decree ­– foreign citizens cannot enter Hungary in passenger traffic.


In pursuance of Article 6 (1), in cases listed in section (2), the competent local police service, or in case of border crossings at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, the 18th District Police Station of the Budapest Metropolitan Police Headquarters may issue an exemption from provisions in Article 5 upon request.


The request can only be lodged electronically, in Hungarian or English language

  1. by submitting the electronic form from the citizens’ or companies’ digital gateway
  2. in the absence of citizens’ or companies’ digital gateway, by filling and submitting the intelligent form on the homepage of the police.


Request for exemption from entry restrictions can be lodged by using the form called “Equity request to enter the country”.

Appeal against a decision on assessing the entry request can be lodged by using the form called Appeal against a decision taken concerning entering Hungary”.

Requests and appeal requests can only be lodged electronically, by using the dedicated forms, in Hungarian or English language.



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