Hungarian-Slovakian border traffic agreement for the commuters

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Those living and working in the border zone can go to work.

In pursuance to the agreement of the Government of Hungary and the Government of Slovakia, from 06:00 on 19 March 2020, citizens of the two countries whose residence or workplace falls within a zone of 30-30 kilometres from the border can cross the border for work without being subject to quarantine for 14 days. The commuters shall possess a residence card and an employer’s certificate.


They can use the following border crossing points:

  • Rajka,
  • Vámosszabadi,
  • Esztergom,
  • Komárom,
  • Hont-Parassapuszta,
  • Bánréve,
  • Tornyosnémeti and
  • Sátoraljaújhely.
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