Issuing a visa at the crossing point

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In exceptional cases and upon written request, visas may be issued at border crossing points.

The application form is to be required and filled at the border crossing point.

Visa can only be requested at the border crossing point by such a citizen of a state subject to visa obligation that meets the following criteria:

  • is in possession of valid and genuine passport (travel document),
  • can certify the purpose and conditions of the stay (why is visa required and what will be the place of residence)
  • and has sufficient means of subsistence (10.000 HUF/day in Hungary) for the planned duration and for travelling back;
  • does not pose a danger to public order and public safety
  • is not subject to a ban on entry and stay.

The applicant shall certify that he/she has not been in a position to apply for a visa in advance at the embassy and has an unforeseeable and imperative reasons for entry (for example he/she arrives to a funeral the date of which did not make it possible to apply earlier or his/her relative suffered an accident and the immediate entry of the applicant is required). Visas issued at border crossing point entitle the holder to stay for a maximum duration of 15 days. In case of transiting, the authorized duration shall be sufficient to transit.

If the conditions of visa issuance are not fully met, if another member state has an objection against visa issuance or if in urgent cases when another member states cannot be consulted, there is a possibility to issue a visa with limited territorial validity for the territory of the issuing country.

If the conditions of visa issuance are not meet, the visa shall be refused in a decision. The decision shall include the reasons of refusal and the methods of appealing.

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