Police checks at the austrian and slovenian border section

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These measures are introduced to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus and to ensure the safety of Hungarian citizens.

In the course of the border checks temporarily reintroduced pursuant to the decision of the Government, police officers check the identity of those wishing to enter Hungary and ask for their destination. Both Hungarian and foreign citizens are to declare whether they arrived from an infected area.


Hungarian citizens are admitted to Hungary, then – on the basis of their travel history – a decision is taken in cooperation with healthcare staff on the necessity of the home quarantine lasting for two weeks. Should infection be suspected, the affected person would be taken into a hospital by the ambulance service.


The authorities designate a transit route with designated rest areas and petrol stations to be followed by foreigners allowed to enter Hungary for transiting so as to cross the country as fast as possible.


In passenger traffic, the police denies entry of foreigners arriving from China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.

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