Background of Kynopol

The professional network was created in 2011 by Council Decision 8178/11.

The Hungarian Police Education and Training Centre (PETC) are responsible for operating the Kynopol Secretariat.

In 2015, the Secretariat assessed the possibilities to improve the network and found that Kynopol needed financial sources to launch its activities and to make EU member states interested in cooperation and joint efforts.

In order to make Kynopol fully operational, the Secretariat organized a roundtable meeting in February 2017 supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior.

Austrian, Slovakian and Polish dog professionals met at the Service Dog Training Centre of the Hungarian Police in Dunakeszi.

Participants discussed the future of Kynopol, identified its needs, possible activities and fields of cooperation.

Supported by the ideas developed during the roundtable meeting, PETC applied for support from Internal Security Fund developing a proposal of project of Cooperation among Professionals Regarding Training of Service Dogs.

The proposal turned out to be successful and earned 80 500 Euros which covered the expenses of travel, accommodation etc, of foreign and Hungarian professionals.

The primary aim of the project is to share best practices and experiences of the partner law enforcement agencies regarding the training and application of drug, explosives and poisoning against-wildlife detection dogs.

Secondary objective is to involve the member states into Kynopol making them interested in its activities and cooperation.


The project had three main activities:

  • Workshop which was held in May, in Hungary on 19th and 20th of June.
  • scientific-professional conference in 16-17th of October 2018
  • professional visits to Hungary for foreign colleagues in 2019
  • professional visits for Hungarian experts to some designated member states in 2019