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In accordance with EU and Hungarian data protection regulations, upon application, anyone has right to obtain information on data stored in Schengen Information System (SIS) concerning him or her. Anyone is entitled to request to correct or delete incorrect or unlawfully stored data relating to him or her or to turn to a court or competent authority requesting to correct or delete data or to affeer compensation.

The examination of legality of data stored in SIS will be carried out under the law of the Member State that is the addressee of the application. If data was entered in SIS by the authority of a Member State other than where the application was sent, the examination will be closely coordinated by authorities of the two Member States.

If any person wishes to obtain information of data stored in SIS relating to him or her or to correct or delete incorrect or unlawfully stored data relating to him or her, he or she may turn to any police station or any foreign representation of Hungary by filling the appropriate form. The above entities shall forward the application to the SIRENE Office of the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Centre of the National Police Headquarters.

The SIRENE Office may deny providing information in reasonable cases; however, they are obliged to inform the applicant of the fact and legal basis of denial.

Should the applicant consider that the response of the SIRENE Office is inappropriate, he or she may contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority.

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