Minors wishing to travel abroad

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In case of a minor travelling abroad we suggest the minor or his fellow passenger to carry adeclaration of consentfrom the parents (or if the minor travels with one parent only, from the other parent), in which they allow for their child to travel and stay abroad. The declaration should be in the language of the destination country, respectively the transit countries, or a translation should be enclosed to it.

In case if it is not possible to translate the declaration to the language of destination country, an English or German version would be sufficient. The translation is not required to be official.

There is no unified EU form for the parents’ consent declaration.

The following information are recommended to include in the declaration:

  • personal data of the minor, the accompanying person and the parents (name, date and place of birth);
  • identification number of the minor’s travel document;
  • the purpose and place of staying abroad (address, phone number);
  • name and contact details of the visited person or institute (school, course organizer).

If, for example a kindergarten or school group travels abroad without the presence of the parents, and the organizing institution is in possession of a single declaration of consent from all parents, there is no need to obtain a separate declaration from each parent.

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